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Dublin is one of Europe's great cities. It is the political, cultural and financial hub of Ireland and the "buzz" is only mighty.

The fabric of the city was laid down in the eighteenth century, the Georgian Period named for the three successive British kings - George I, II and III. This was the period when glass tehcnology became affordable and architects designed classically proportioned buildings to take advantage of light. Much of this Georgian legacy remains intact and simply to walk the streets is a treat.

But, Dublin offers more than historic buildings. There is a vibrant club and music scene, plenty of restaurants suited to student budgets and, for the culturally inclined, several world class museums and a thriving art scene.

Dublin is also a great walking town. From any of the Chubb Properties featured on this site, it is possible to walk to the heart of the city. The new Luas Trams and Dublin Bus provide public transport throughout the city. And, from the three train stations, it's easy to explore the rest of the country.



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Google Map of Dublin

Online Application and Booking Form

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